The War in the Air

The War in the Air, a military science fiction novel by H. G. Wells, written in four months in 1907 and serialised and published in 1908 in The Pall Mall Magazine, is like many of Wells's works notable for its prophetic ideas, images, and concepts—in this case, the use of the aircraft for the purpose of warfare and the coming of World War I. The novel's hero is Bert Smallways, a "forward-thinking young man" and a "kind of bicycle engineer of the let's-'ave-a-look-at-it and enamel-chipping variety." The first three chapters of The War in the Air relate details of the life of Bert Smallways and his extended family in a location called Bun Hill, a (fictional) former Kentish village that had become a London suburb within living memory. The story begins with Bert's brother Tom, a stolid greengrocer who views technological progress with apprehension, and their aged father, who recalls with longing the time when Bun Hill was a quiet village and he had driven the local squire's carriage. However, the story soon focuses on Bert who is an unimpressive, not particularly gifted, unsuccessful young man with few ideas about larger things is but far from unintelligent. He has a strong attachment to a young woman named Edna.

Category Novel (205)
Language Armenian
Duration 10h : 20m
Age recommendation 13-15

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