Les Quarante-cinq

Les Quarante-cinq (The 45) is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, written between 1847 and 1848 in collaboration with Auguste Maquet. Set in 1585 and 1586 during the French Wars of Religion, it is the third and final work in his Valois trilogy, concluding the events of La Reine Margot and La Dame de Monsoreau. It opens thirteen years after the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre and ten years into the reign of Henry III of France as he tries to calm the religious and political intrigues dividing the kingdom. Dumas fictionalises the action, including Henry of Navarre's capture of Cahors (which actually occurred in 1580) and the attack on Antwerp (redated by Dumas from 1583 to 1585 or 1586) and including William the Silent (who had actually been assassinated in 1584) and the Duke of Anjou (who historically died of TB in 1584 but who Dumas shows being encouraged to covet the crown of the Low Countries by William and fulfilling a prediction by Côme Ruggieri in La Reine Margot). He also makes count Henri du Bouchage's retreat from the world to become a Capuchin friar a result of the coldness of Diane de Méridor, whereas historically he did so from grief for his wife's death.

Category Novel (206)
Language Armenian
Duration 34h : 22m
Age recommendation 16-120

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