People Without Childhood

"People Without Childhood" is an autobiographical novel written in 1955 by Armenian writer and poet Antranig Dzarugian. Antranig Dzarugian (transliterated in Eastern Armenian as Andranik Tsarukian; 1913-1989) was an influential diasporan Armenian writer, poet, educator and journalist in the 20th century, was born in Gürün, Sivas Vilayet, Ottoman Empire. During the years of the Armenian Genocide, Dzarugian separated from his mother as a result of the death marches in the Syrian desert and spent his childhood in the Armenian Orphanage of Aleppo. In 1921, he met his mother in Aleppo and moved to the local Haygazian Armenian School to receive his elementary education. After completing his elementary schooling in Aleppo, Dzarugian moved to Beirut to complete his education at the newly opened Armenian College. Among his teachers in the college were prominent Armenian educators such as Nikol Aghbalian and Levon Shant. Among his most prominent works, "People Without Childhood" and "Ethereal Aleppo" are autobiographical accounts dedicated to his childhood life in the orphanage of Aleppo.

Category Novel (205)
Language Armenian
Duration 8h : 15m
Age recommendation 16-120