The diamond thieves

"The diamond thieves" is an adventure novel by French writer Louis Boussenard, written in 1883. The novel is valuable for its very detailed and reliable descriptions of wild African nature, colorful everyday scenes from the life of working diamond mines, white settlers and local tribes. Three Frenchmen - Alexander Shawnee, Albert de Villrozh and Joseph go to South Africa in search of treasure. A gang of Boer robbers and their accomplices, led by adventurer Sam Smith, also become aware of the treasures. Having overcome many dangers, the brave French, along with their native guides - the Bushman hunter, Kafr Zuga and the Zulus of Mogopo - emerge victorious in the battle with the criminals, discovering a lost treasure.

Category Novel (206)
Language Armenian
Duration 26h : 7m
Age recommendation 16-120

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