The Doll

"The Doll" is the second of four acclaimed novels by the Polish writer Bolesław Prus. "The Doll", covering one and a half years of present time, comprises two parallel narratives. One opens with events of 1878 and recounts the career of the protagonist, Stanisław Wokulski, a man in early middle age. The other narrative, in the guise of a diary kept by Wokulski's older friend Ignacy Rzecki, takes the reader back to the 1848-49 "Spring of Nations." Bolesław Prus wrote "The Doll" with such close attention to the physical detail of Warsaw that it was possible, in the Interbellum, to precisely locate the very buildings where, fictively, Wokulski had lived and his store had been located on Krakowskie Przedmieście.

Category Novel (205)
Language Armenian
Duration 40h : 35m
Age recommendation 16-120

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