Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness is an adventure scripture by the Polish English writer Joseph Conrad, first published in 1902.

The story tells about the main character, sailor Marlowe, who recalls his journey to Central Africa. On the instructions of the company, he had to arrive at a distant station to take with him one of the company's agents named Kurtz, who was engaged in collecting ivory. The main part of the book describes the story of Marlowe, about his journey along a tropical river, among territories completely unknown to a European. His story is full of biased but no less terrifying details, both about the life of the native people and about the established order and rule in the distant colony. However, the main character is most horrified of Kurtz, who was the embodiment of primitive instincts, which are hidden in the depths of every person's soul and which, if given freedom, will completely subjugate themselves.

Language Armenian
Duration 4h : 48m
Age recommendation 16-120