Little Zaches called Cinnabar

E. Hoffman's fairytale “Little Zaches called Cinnabar”, is a satirical story in which the author demonstrates the vices of society. It has a simple moral — success and respect must be achieved in an honest way, without deception and cunning. The main character is an ugly little child Zaches. The fairy took pity on him and gave him magical hair. Zaches easily charmed others, ascribes to himself the merits of others, spared no one, seeking public veneration. Fortunately, a young man named Balthazar notices his atrocities in time. With the help of a kind magician, he manages to convince the fairy to take back her gift. As a result, everyone finally sees what a dwarf really is.

Category Story (41)
Language Armenian
Duration 4h : 43m
Age recommendation 13-15