Alpine Violet

"Alpine Violet" is a short story by Armenian prose writer Aksel Bakunts, written in 1925-27.

The archaeologist, the artist and the guide are coming to the village. The artist is a sensitive person. He came to Kakavaberd to paint the beauty of nature and from there he takes with him a beautiful impression and a new canvas. In his psychology and approach, he is related to the perception of beauty, obscured by refrains at the beginning of the story and at the end, according to which “to the beetle, intoxicated by the fragrance” the world seemed like a fragrant flower garden, an alpine violet. Another version of the “beetle intoxicated by fragrance” is the archaeologist. If for the artist the past is connected with the present, then for the archaeologist there is only the beauty of the past. He is also looking for beauty, but beauty that has passed away.

Aksel Bakunts wanted to characterize the art workers who look at the world through the eyes of a beetle with the images of an artist and an archaeologist. They do not see the reality. They came, saw only the pleasant, one edge of life and left, but the other edge, the very depth of life, escaped their attention. Life and literature are only entertainment for such artists, an object of dispassionate admiration and intoxication.

Category Tale (351)
Language Armenian
Duration 0h : 24m
Age recommendation 13-15


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