The Apricot Pipe

The plot of the story begins by turning the pages of the notebook. In the center of the story is Hazro with his family. His homeland was Sasun, where Hazro's ancestors lived. There are scattered poor villages, people sowed wheat, weaved songs, myths and stories. Hazro grew up in this environment. It seemed that this life should accompany him for a long time, but the war destroys everything. Hazro feels boundless longing for his lost homeland and land. His gaze was always directed towards the Sasna mountains. He cannot forget his childhood, his memories, his land and  birthplace. Hazro plays and thinks about his abandoned native village and dreams that one day he will be able to go to his native village, see the high Maruta mountain, the valleys and stones of his childhood.

Category Tale (351)
Language Armenian
Duration 0h : 25m
Age recommendation 13-15


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