The Life of our LORD

Children's gospel stories.

The famous English writer Charles Dickens was a devoted Christian. His Life of Our Lord is a beautifully told children's gospel story of the life of Jesus Christ, written for his own children. The work was not intended for publication, it was read at the author’s home, and only after the death of the writer and his children did it become possible to publish it and make it available to readers.

Fortunately for all of us, this work has become available to the Armenian reader as well.

This brilliant work of art can help readers of any age to better understand the events of the Gospel, get closer to the Christian value system based on the principles of love and humanity, and thereby contribute to the good cause of establishing a healthy society. And as Karen Gevorgyan, the translator of the book, in the introduction expresses the hope that the book will contribute to making the world in Armenia a better place, following the efforts of Charles Dickens.

We would like to express our gratitude to the translator of the book, Karen Gevorgyan, for donating this book to Grkaser.

Language Armenian
Duration 2h : 4m
Age recommendation 9-12