The Giraffe-Hunters

“The Giraffe-Hunters” is an adventure novel written by Mayne Reid. The story takes place in Africa and follows the journey of a group of hunters who set out to capture giraffes for a traveling circus. The main character, Hans, is a skilled hunter who is hired by the circus to capture the giraffes. Along with his companions, they encounter various challenges and dangers such as hostile tribes, wild animals, and treacherous terrain. As they continue their hunt, they also come across a group of slave traders who are capturing and selling local tribespeople. Hans and his team decide to take action and rescue the slaves, leading to a thrilling and action-packed climax. Throughout the book, Reid vividly describes the African landscape and wildlife, immersing the reader in the setting.

Category Novel (203)
Language Armenian
Duration 9h : 50m
Age recommendation 16-120

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